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Are you looking for the best free sex simulator game with realistic 3D graphics? This way, the game Sex Emulator should meet your expectations. This sex game is available directly from your browser so try it now!

3D character creation in Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator was featured as one of the best free sex simulator by XXX Adult Mag!

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Build the girl of your dreams and fuck her!

Who doesn't have fantasies to fulfill? Customized sex and at your fingertips in porn games is what Sex Emulator offers. In this realistic sex simulation video game, you have control over your fantasies. Create the hottest virtual girl possible, assign her sexual talents and decide what to do next! Whether you're into anal sex, spanking, blowjob or foot fetish, your pretty 3D doll will do your bidding without flinching. With Sex Emulator, you are in control of the game!

Sex Emulator: a 3D sex simulator

The game Sex Emulator presents itself as a porn sandbox. Simply put, in this 3D sex simulation game, anything is possible (or almost)! You start out with a custom character who has a few sexual skills that YOU decide how they are distributed and how well they are mastered. You have control over the level of intensity (from soft to hardcore), the choice of commands to give and off you go to watch her perform! It's up to you to make her evolve and educate her sexual talents until she's able to compete with the best camgirls. No need to download this sex simulation game, it is simply played online on your browser, on PC as well as on mobile.

The gameplay of Sex Emulator

Bored with classic sex video games? Try the porn sex simulator! Of all the porn video games, this sex simulator offers the highest degree of customization and realism. Between creating a virtual doll and intense fucking, all players will find something to enjoy. This sex simulation game is very intuitive, simple to approach, within the reach of all players including the most beginners.

Build the girl of your dreams

You can start by creating your sex doll. And treat yourself, because the strong point of Sex Emulator is really the quality of its 3D graphics! Ethnic origin, breast size, hair color, it's up to you to choose the advantages of these virtual girls. Do you like them blond with big breasts? Little Asian girl with black hair in pigtails? Sculptural black with a generous shape? The game lets you combine your favorite elements to create a custom girl that you'll like 100%.

There's more to life than looks, sex counts too. So you have control over all of your pretty doll's sexual abilities: it's up to you to divide her skill points among different porn talents. Blowjob, anal, spanking, boobs and feet are just some of the possibilities in this adult sex game. Not enough points to mix it all up? Take her to the next level by putting her through all your sexual fantasies! Her porn skills will increase along with your pleasure.

Give her a little name and a voice at last. It will matter afterwards, you'll see!

Give orders to your 3D character

The game doesn't stop at creating an ultra-realistic bombshell with sexual talents that would make the biggest pornstars quiver. Now it's your turn in the porn simulation studios: you choose the setting, the action and control the simulator camera. Order it, it obeys! The girl of your dreams comments on all your choices with a very enticing voice...

Only in the test version of this sex simulator, you can already order her to fondle her breasts, slap her buttocks, play with a sex toy or stick it up her ass. Many other naughty or extreme actions can be unlocked later, such as sexy dancing, handcuffing, furry and even tentacle attack for hentai lovers.

The premium version of this sex simulator additionally lets you control the intensity of the action and the degree of hardcore: the only limit to a simulation game is your imagination!

Ultra-realistic sex scenes

Far from the barely recognizable 3D versions of cheap ass video games, Sex Emulator 3D is extremely realistic: you'll literally feel like you're having a blast with your dream partner in a porno. From face to breasts to pussy to gestures, the sex simulator is so close to real porn it's disturbing.

You even control the camera angle and zoom, as if you were there! Between the backdrops, smooth sound loops (nothing worse than crappy sound in a sex game to break your mood), and realistic penetrations, you've got plenty to jerk off to for the next ten years.

Bonus for the geekiest among you: always had a soft spot for Daenerys, Lara Croft or Rey? Have you always wanted to fuck them? The sex game outright offers you the chance to watch your favorite fictional characters bang all sorts of sex toys and have a blast following your orders. Choose the virtual actress that really gets you hard and put her in the most torrid situations. This is clearly one of the best porn games for jacking off and cumming!

One of the best online sex simulators

Whether on Android, iPhone, PC or Mac, Sex Emulator is the best free online sex simulator. No boring texts to read, no time wasted with no sex scene, you're straight into the hot action and you're in charge. Want a quickie or a longer session? No problem, your sexy doll adapts to your lustful desires and offers you a custom orgasm. Here's one that will never deny you a nice blowjob!

Is Sex Emulator free?

Sex Emulator is a sex video game available for free in its demo version. There is already plenty to have fun with it, yet the test version of the porn simulation game is limited. You won't get all the sex doll customization options, all the available porn actions or control over the camera or intensity.

To see more, to register your sex doll and her progress in the sex emulator or to choose a known character, sign up: access to the porn simulator is free for 2 days. Beyond that, you'll have to pay a monthly subscription, but Sex Emulator is definitely worth it.

How to play Sex Emulator?

It's quite simple, you create a sexy 3D girl in a few clicks and launch your favorite porn action. You can move the camera as if you were there, make the fuck faster or slower... The best thing about this sex simulator is that you don't even need foreplay. This online sex game is available for free on all web browsers, and without the need to download it. Discretion assured at work!

Is it possible to download Sex Emulator?

No, to play this game you have to go directly to the official website. Sex Emulator is a game that is played directly from a web browser. So there is nothing to download or install. So it's not worth searching on forums to download an APK or a crack of the game because you will not find anything.

Is Sex Emulator a real game?

To find out for sure you can try Sex Emulator for free for 2 days. This way you will see what the game is like! On the other hand, read the following carefully!

Is Sex Emulator a scam?

Nothing suggests that Sex Emulator is a scam. On the other hand, we warn you about the trial account that allows you to test the game for free for 2 days. Indeed, to get a demo account you will still have to use your credit card. And if you don't cancel your subscription before the end of the trial period, you will automatically be subscribed to Sex Emulator services. To avoid any disappointment we strongly advise you to read the terms and conditions carefully when you sign up!

How to close your account on Sex Emulator?

To close your account or cancel your Sex Emulator subscription we invite you to directly contact the game's customer support.

How to contact Sex Emulator customer support?

Customer support can be reached by email at or even

They are the ones to contact for any questions regarding a subscription cancellation, account closure or more generally anything related to the Sex Emulator game.

Review of the game Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator is the favorite porn simulator for adult gamers. You have control over the sex dolls, over the fucking, what do the players ask for? What makes this sex simulation game the best in its category is clearly the quality of its customizable virtual dolls and the variety of sex actions. We like the voices of its pornographic actresses, the realism of their movements and the possibility of controlling the intensity of the scene. Plus, you can take shots of your favorite sex games...

Test it yourself and explore the possibilities of this sex simulation game with very realistic 3D graphics and hardcore action without censorship or taboos!

Screenshots and gameplay

Sex Emulator game interface
Girl fondling her breasts in Sex Emulator
Riley in the porn game Sex Emulator
Sexy woman who puts a sextoy in her ass in a porn game
Brigitte in the game Sex Emulator
Woman licking a dildo sensually in a sex simulator
Lara in Sex Emulator
Woman showing feet in Sex Emulator
Rey from Star Wars in Sex Emulator
Woman who spanks herself in the porn game Sex Emulator
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